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The Booger Fund Awards Seven Making A Difference Scholarships

SEATTLE, Wash. – May 10th, 2023 – The Booger Fund is excited to announce seven recipients of the Making a Difference Scholarship. This first year scholarship recognizes student cyclists who are giving back to communities and organizations they care about. Each recipient will receive a $2,000 award intended to support the pursuit of higher education.

Henry Stewart Timarchi, Oregon State University

Callah Robinson, Marian University

Vincent Hestad, University of San Diego

Olivia Sandoval, University of Vermont

Jessica Goff, Fort Lewis College

Trevon Mitchell, University of Washington

Victoria Griffith, Biola University

“The scholarship recipients this year are an inspiration to all of us at The Booger Fund. They embody what it is to give back to their communities by being active locally and nationally. Our recipients have founded cycling programs, currently mentor other cyclists, and work within their own communities and organizations giving back as much as they can,” states Steve Westover, Executive Director of the Booger Fund. “Many of them have also overcome physical and mental challenges through cycling and credit the bike as the reason they are who they are today. They embody what it means to be a Booger. “

The Booger Fund is honored to make a difference in the life of each individual. It is our mission to create good humans by using cycling as a catalyst to teach kids to give back to their communities and support charities and entities that they care about.

About Team Booger:

Team Booger is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2017 dedicated to growing youth cycling (ages 6-23) in the United States. Team Booger provides young people with guidance, education, leadership, and support to act locally and think globally in everything they do. We use cycling as a catalyst to teach kids to give back to our communities and support charities and entities we care about. To date, Team Booger has donated over $40,000 to charities through fundraising and donations.

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