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Spring Showers, May Boogers

School break means warm sandy beaches for some, and more time in the sunshine for Boogers riding all types of bikes! Recent training camps in Washington and California brought riders together for focused time together riding steep graded gravel, sturdy enduro jumps, and rolling hills.

Boogers challenges themselves through long days in the saddle, lots of vertical feet climbed, and doing it all again the next day.

Having fun is essential to properly recover and, egg hunt with delicious treats, cross training strength balancing pizza slices and bowling balls, and racing go-karts to hone the Perfect Corner.

Spokane Boogers also raced at Hubapalooza 2024 in enduro and downhill disciplines! It's been incredible to see all of our riders make progress and level up their skills as races begin.

WSCL Kickoff

And they're off! Riders at the WSCL Riverside course lined up for the first race of the season to kick off their statewide 5-race series. Boogers will race for their school and regional teams at iconic venues across the state, putting it all together after off-season training and skills work throughout the springtime.

Together in the Community

Support Bikeworks and celebrate dreams at Bikecitement! 2024. We are proud to support their mission, and you're invited too. Tickets for registration are still available for the event this Sunday, April 21st. Join for an evening of great food, live music, talented storytellers, and continued mobility activism!

Our friends at the JBMV have an opportunity for young riders to try the track!

They've organized an advanced junior class in efforts to introduce racers from other disciplines to experience track cycling on May 12th from 12-4pm. Bring your reflexes, power and tactics to a new arena at the velodrome!

"With Junior Nationals in Redmond, WA for the next TWO YEARS we want everyone to have a chance to race." - Amara, Program Director @ JBMV.

Support JBMV programming year round at their auction this weekend, online catalog available to view now!

WSBA MTB State Champs May 11th

Race friends! Win a jersey! Free lunch!

As you know we are offering $5 entry fees but we are also offering FREE LUNCH to the first 50 junior racers that sign up.

We believe in supporting all programs and individuals as we grow the team. That can be as simple as lending a spare tube to another rider or working with junior cyclists across the US. This scholarship is built to recognize student cyclists who are making time to give back and help others and support thier pursuit of higher education.

Please share with anyone that you think would be interested in applying!

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