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Little Booger

Just getting started? Or looking to start shredding? Our little Booger program is a series of events throughout the year to get your mini shredder out, having fun, and learning some skills. The team and staff host these fun events at local areas around Washington state. Our goal is to teach them some skills and get them excited to ride.



One non-perishable item like a can of soup or mac + cheese


Show up and have fun. Parents are not required to attend but encouraged. A mountain bike is great but any bike that has some sort of tread on the tires works great. 


We use on-bike games that teach skills, basic bike safety, and emphasize some of the important aspects of being a Booger like sharing, giving back, and leadership. This is geared to newer riders that are looking to start riding more or mtb riding. Depending on size and skill level we may break into two groups.



Check the registration link for all the locations

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